2020 Schedule

We are currently working on details for our 2020 Bay Area training, which will be held in the January to March time frame. Exact dates will be announced by September, 2019.

Topics subject to changes to accommodate needs of trainees, instructors, and guest speakers.

Weekend 1:

Opening Circle/Introductions
Yoga Philosophy: History of Prenatal Yoga
General Anatomy & Physiology of Pregnancy
Sequencing - Part 1 (Pregnancy)
Alignment and Modifications by Trimester - Part 1 (Pregnancy)
Prenatal Yoga Class Observation and Discussion
Contraindications: Science vs. Cultural beliefs and Myths

Phyllis Klaus leads an exercise on Active Listening

Phyllis Klaus leads an exercise on Active Listening

Weekend 2:

Yogic and Related Techniques for Optimal Fetal Positioning
Easing Common Discomforts of Pregnancy through Yoga Practice
Inclusive and Empowering Language
Phyllis Klaus: Prenatal and Postpartum Psychology & Maternal/ Infant Bonding
Pelvic Floor: Healthy Practices for Pregnancy and Beyond
Practice Teaching


Weekend 3:

Application of Classical Yoga Philosophy
Henci Goer: Optimal Care in Childbirth: What it is and how to get it
Mom & Baby Yoga Class Observation and Discussion
The Fourth Trimester
Sequencing - Part 2 (Postpartum)
Practice Teaching

Weekend 4:

Alignment and Modifications- Part 2 (Postpartum)
Application of Various Styles of Yoga to Prenatal (vinyasa, restorative, yin, etc.)
Meditation/Relaxation Techniques (Yoga Nidra)
Business of Teaching Prenatal Yoga
Creating Your Class, cont.
Practice Teaching
Closing Circle