What’s your style?

Looking at the schedule of a yoga studio reveals a plethora of yoga styles: vinyasa, yin, Iyengar, restorative, slow-flow, prenatal….Wait, prenatal?! Is that actually a style of a yoga? It makes sense on a schedule to label a class as prenatal because, of course, it targets a very specific audience. However, prenatal is not in itself a style of yoga. I may be getting into semantics here, but prenatal is really a sub-heading of any style of yoga: A prenatal class may be vinyasa, yin, Iyengar, restorative, or any other style for that matter.

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Choosing a Yoga Teacher Training

Back in the 90’s, when the electronic music scene was big in the Bay Area, it seemed like everyone wanted to be a DJ. There was even a song, “(I Just Want to Be A) Drummer” that listed all the people who wanted to be a DJ: “....my girlfriend wants to be a DJ, my cat wants to be a DJ, my goldfish wants to be a DJ…” Perhaps it just seemed that way because back then that was my social scene and I was DJing.  Now that I’ve been teaching yoga for nearly 15 years, and managing a studio for a decade, it seems like everyone wants to be a yoga teacher. And a majority of yoga studios are capitalizing on this by offering teacher trainings.

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Why I Teach Prenatal Yoga

My entry into the yoga world happened long before I had kids, and at the time my practice was focused entirely on how I felt in my body – not unusual for a student new to the practice. I found that the postures I practiced helped ease back pain from a rowing injury, and that alone was enough to keep me interested. The discipline required to maintain a daily practice really appealed to me. (I was a rower, remember? Discipline was a “thing” for me.) I stuck with it for a while, following short sequences outlined in a book.

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Quality Teachers are the Cornerstone of a Successful Prenatal Yoga Program

Wearing the hat of Program Manager at Blossom for the last decade has given me a unique perspective on creating and maintaining a quality, well-known prenatal yoga program in Silicon Valley.  The job requires me to receive feedback from clientele, analyze attendance patterns, audit teachers with diverse backgrounds, and stay on top of trends in the industry. I’ve learned that studio atmosphere- fostering a warm, welcoming community, in addition to aesthetics- is important.

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Jeanna Lurie