Casey Wilke

Casey discovered yoga in 2001 as a modality to address anxiety. She loves how it gives her the time to switch off her overactive mind and explore the subtleties of what her body needs her to hear. She completed her first of many teacher trainings in 2009 and found her dharma in 2013 when she discovered prenatal yoga while pregnant with her oldest daughter. She immediately signed up to mentor with Jeanna Lurie, attended a prenatal yoga teacher training with Jane Austin, a doula training with Kyndal May, the Active Birth teacher training with Janet Balaskas and most recently discovered the Evidence Based Birth podcast (check it out!). She brings this knowledge to her classes, but what she loves most is watching the community of amazing women support each other and gain confidence in themselves. Casey’s classes are based around what the collective brings to each class and tend to be a slow gentle flow that encourages slowing down, unwinding the body and tuning in to and trusting the inner voice. Her classes are sprinkled with evidence based birth information, giggles, gentle hands-on adjustments, and lots of love and encouragement for the wonderful women who make the time to nourish themselves and their babies. Come play on the mat and connect with other mamas.