Our Origin Story

“Origin story” often refers to how superheroes got their start. While neither Jeanna nor Hillary claim to be anything close to superheroes, they often do feel like a “dynamic duo.” Their first encounter was in the fall of 2007, when a very-pregnant Hillary, fresh to the area, decided to drop in to Jeanna’s prenatal yoga class. Unfortunately, Jeanna has no recollection of that first meeting, but it must have made a good impression. A couple of years later, Jeanna, then Program Manager of Blossom, was in need of teachers to join the staff and Hillary fit right in!


It wasn’t long before the two went from mere colleagues to friends. While “talking shop,” they discovered their philosophies were very closely aligned, but their teaching strengths were in different areas. They thought, “Let’s put this together and write the prenatal yoga book we wish we could find on Amazon!” The pair had a lot more in common as well: baseball, music, kids close in age. It was a match made in heaven!

The book brainstorming sessions of late 2014 quickly morphed into the outline for a teacher training. Jeanna was always in need of strong teachers to fill Blossom’s roster and she had mentored a few new teachers specifically for that purpose. The teacher training fell together, quite fittingly, over a nine-month period, and the school was approved by Yoga Alliance in the fall of 2015.

But what to call it? Both loved the imagery and symbolism of the lotus, beauty rising up from the muck—such a fitting metaphor for the challenges of parenting, and life in general. Wanting to pay tribute to the organization that brought them together, they settled on “Lotus Blossom.”

The first four years Lotus Blossom focused on training five cohorts of pre- and postnatal yoga teachers. Working with so many wonderful women along the way provided the inspiration to offer a complete program to the community, continuing to train teachers while offering yoga classes to mothers. That is how this dynamic duo arrived at where they are today. And, truth be told, they do have one little “super power”: they seem to always know what the other is thinking and have a good laugh about it!

Whether you are a yoga teacher looking to add prenatal to your skill set or a new mom in need of a well-rounded, evidence-based yoga practice to support you through this incredible journey, Lotus Blossom is here for you!